Spikes Mobile Valeting | Prices
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Small Cars
1. Wash and Wax
2. Wash, Wax and Leather
3. Hand Polish From
£ 25
4. Silver Valet From
5. Gold Valet From
6. Interior Valet (Shampoo) From
7. Full Valet From
Medium/Large Cars
1. Wash and Wax
2. Wash, Wax and Leather
3. Hand Polish From
4. Silver Valet From
5. Gold Valet From
6. Interior Valet (Shampoo) From
7. Full Valet From
4x4 Cars
1. Wash and Wax
2. Wash, Wax and Leather
3. Hand Polish From
£35 - £55.00
4. Silver Valet From
£30 - £40.00
5. Gold Valet From
6. Interior Valet (Shampoo) From
7. Full Valet From
£85 - £120.00
  • Car rinsed to loosen road grime
  • Bottom half of vehicle pre-sprayed, along with windscreen, mirror caps,
  • front bumper, under arches, tyres and wheels
  • Fully washed using synthetic lambswool sponges
  • Wheels cleaned with appropriate wheel cleaner
  • Full rinse including under arches
  • Wet car first to soften up any road grime
  • Using a non-caustic traffic film remover we will: trafficate bottom half of vehicle/windscreen/front bumper mirror caps (removes fly squash etc)
  • Wash vehicle with special synthetic lamb’s wool sponges.
  • Fully clean wheels with alloy wheel cleaner using specialist brushes and chemicals.
  • Dry vehicle off with synthetic chamois leathers to prevent water spotting and streaking
  • We always arrive promptly and all mobile car valeting work is carried out quickly and efficiently.
  • We also cover the whole of the M65 area from Colne to Preston.
  • So why not call us for Mobile Car Valeting in Lancashire for Wash, Wax and Leather cleaning services today?
  • Full wash, wax and leather service
  • Depending on your requirements and paintwork quality we will use either new car polish or a choice of five used car polishes
  • Supagard 3 year protection
  • 100% Brazilian carnuaba gold – natural beeswax formulation from £40
  • Various high quality wax treatments starting from £35
  • Fusso coat 12 month wax starting from £45
  • Collinite from £40
  • Wash/wax entire vehicles
  • Wheels cleaned including removal of brake dust
  • Dashboard wiped as well as all interior plastic trims
  • Door shuts and sills cleaned
  • Obvious rubbish cleared away
  • Carpets and seats hoovered (not boot)
  • Air freshener applied as well as paper mats
  • Long life “showroom look” tyre sheen applied
  • Wash wax your entire vehicle
  • Wheels cleaned and brake dust removed
  • Dashboard wiped as well as all interior plastic trims
  • Door shuts and sills cleaned
  • Windows inside cleaned
  • Leather vehicle off ( prevents streaking )
  • Clean windows outside
  • All rubbish removed, including doorpockets
  • Carpets, seats and boot hoovered
  • Air freshener and paper mats applied
  • Long lasting tyre sheen applied for that “showroom look”
  • All rubbish emptied, including ashtrays
  • Carpets and seats shampooed
  • Car fully hoovered
  • Dashboard and all plastic trims cleaned to either a factory finish, matt or high sheen
  • Interior fully cleaned and dried to high standard (extra drying may be needed in cold weather)
  • Paper mats applied if required
  • Disposable seat covered applied if required
  • Air freshener applied


Special Offer:


  • 11 point external valet available only as an add-on to the interior valet.
  • External valet can be added to include:
  • Door shuts cleaned
  • Boot edge cleaned
  • Vehicle fully washed
  • Aqua wax added
  • Wheels cleaned to high standard
  • Inside of fuel flap
  • Wheels and under arches cleaned
  • Bodywork leathered
  • Outside glass cleaned
  • All finished off with a tyre sheen


+ £10.00

  • Vehicle hand washed using wash and wax shampoo
  • Bodywork leathered off
  • Wheels, rubber dress tyres and mud flaps cleaned
  • All carpets including boot and surrounding area vacuumed and shampooed
  • Seats and seat back panels shampooed
  • Appropriate leather cleaner used for leather seats
  • Door panels and dashboard cleaned
  • Windows polished inside and out
  • Bodywork hand polished
  • All exterior vinyl surfaces cleaned and treated
  • Headlining and engine cleaned using separate negotiation


This valet is ideal if you are wanting to sell your vehicle. For car valeting in Blackburn or across Lancashire there really is no better option than Spikes Mobile Car Valeting Service, please call for a free quote or use our contact form.

  • Complete Supagard internal and external from £120
  • Professional application to ensure long lasting results
  • 6 month top up service or annual top up service available


Please call or email us to discuss your personal requirements. We will beat all dealer prices on Supagard by at least 50%.

  • Vomit from £25 (if already removed)
  • Spilt food or drink from £20 (dairy products may require multiple visits)
  • Faeces from £40 (if already removed)
  • Urine from £25 (pets)
  • Smoke from £20


AROMATEK treatment from £20 (30 minute treatment), £35 (1 hour treatment), £55 (2 hour treatment)


AROMATEK is a permanent solution to in-vehicle odours. The system uses dry vapour produced from natural essential oils to:


Neutralise and permanently remove malodours such as those produced by tobacco smoke, animals and food


Re-odourise and refresh “stale” interiors. Unlike conventional air-fresheners the dry vapour produced by the Aromatek system penetrates deep into the porous surfaces inside the vehicle




Neutrox Cartridge – Neutrox is a blend of over 32 natural essential oils, designed to chemically neutralise and permanently eliminate odours.


Fragrance Cartridges – Fragrance cartridges are available in Lemon, Orchard (fruity), Vanilla and Leather. These fragrances have been designed to mask malodours and refresh the vehicle interior.


Air Flow Unit – This is used in conjunction with the cartridges to create the dry vapour.


Aromadisk Air Fresheners – These are available in Lemon, Orchard, Vanilla and Leather and are designed to complement the Fragrance cartridges.


Bio-Brisk Cleaner – Unless the source of the odour has been removed the smell can come back. Bio-Brisk has a unique biological component that breaks down odour producing soils deep within porous surfaces, such as seat foam or fabrics.


Don’t worry about the smell of your car, Spikes Mobile Valeting will take care of it for you. If your car needs any odours removing in Blackburn, Burnley, Accrington, Preston, Bolton or across the whole of Lancashire and the M65 area, come to Spikes where you can always trust you will receive a professional and quality car valeting service.

  • We only advise on using this service if your car has been through a car wash on multiple occasions, if your car is badly faded.
  • Ideal for light surface scratches, oxidised paintwork or faded paint
  • Most vehicle paintwork can be cured/corrected by hand
  • This service is carried out at our workshop in Darwen, Lancashire
  • We offer a choice of “final stage” sealer, straight wax, carnuaba wax or Supaguard (up to £80 extra)
Call Spikes Mobile Valeting now on 07782 153 438