Car Valeting


In the fast pace of the modern world, not many people have the time to dedicate hours cleaning and caring for their car, or maintaining the money they have invested in it. Here at Spikes Mobile Valeting in Darwen we offer professional car detailing services using some of the best products on the market to get your vehicle looking as good as when it left the showroom, if not better!


Passionate and with a keen attention to detail, we have worked on the full range of vehicle models, from hard-working family cars, sports cars and classic cars to some of the world’s most exclusive cars such as the Ferrari and La Ferrari.


“I tailor services to suit individual needs and budget. Every job is different but I treat every vehicle with the highest level of care and attention. I believe it is important to go the extra mile for my customers, from the moment they call Spikes Mobile Valeting, to when I hand them the car keys back. Vehicles are generally the largest investment anyone will make after buying a home. Detailing a vehicle allows its paintwork to be corrected and protected but it also adds value to peoples’ investment. ”


On the map of Lancashire Spikes Mobile Valeting sits in the heart of the county.


Whether it be a routine wax to touch up unwanted scratches, a thorough outer and interior detailing service, enhancement of a car’s paintwork or a protection film to prevent future scrapes, Spikes Mobile Valeting can tailor their services to suit all needs and budgets.

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